Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Alpine Valley Bread Review

Alpine Valley sent us some of their bread to review! Here's some info from their website:
We specialize in manufacturing and distributing flavorful Organic Whole Grain Bread, as well as, Private Label breads, buns and rolls. Our commitment is to baking high-quality products with the finest possible ingredients.
We are a family owned and operated business dedicated to providing you and your family with nutritious, great tasting, natural organic whole grain breads. Starting with Certified Organic and certified Kosher ingredients that ensure the nutritional value necessary to receive the Whole Grain Stamp of Approval.
You will find our breads to be filled with simple organic ingredients that satiate the palate with every bite and provide whole grain health to you and your little ones. Our breads are high in natural fiber, protein and other organic ingredients. We use organic flour. The baking starts each day using all natural, fresh ground wheat flour. We sweeten our bread with light amber honey. Natural sea salt is used in small quantities to govern the action of yeast and enhance the natural flavor.
We are proud to produce bread that has NO added fat, NO cholesterol, NO artificial flavors, NO dairy products, NO eggs, NO preservatives and NO GMOs.
We appreciate every Team Member, Vendor and Customer who participates in our successes. We are grateful for your business, we are grateful to God, and we are most humbled to bake a difference.

Our Review:
INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS! We absolutely LOVED these breads! They are made with ALL organic ingredients and taste awesome! We have been reorganizing our budget to allow more quality foods for our bodies. We have eliminated all artificial sweeteners and are trying to buy mostly organic when we can. These breads EASILY fit into our new plan! We noticed a huge difference in the quality taste of these breads compared to the previous breads we were eating because they only use WHOLESOME and organic ingredients! 

The flavors we ate were:
 12 grain with Omega 3
Honey Chia
Honey Whole Wheat
Multi grain Omega 3
Nine GrainHoney Oat Bran
Sprouted Honey Wheat with Flaxseed
Apple Cinnamon
Raisin Cinnamon Whole Wheat
Cranberry Spice

Apple Cinnamon was easily eaten as dessert! It was SO good with greek cream cheese for a healthier dessert option! 

Honey Chia was incredibly sweet just eaten by itself, but of course, we enjoyed it with Peanut Butter too! 

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