Monday, March 10, 2014

Cocogo Review

Cocogo sent us some drink mixes to review! Here's some info about the company:
Cocogo is a new premium sports drink made with real fruit and coconut water in stick pack. It is the best tasting, best performance sports drink. It tastes better because it’s all-natural and isn’t overly sweet. Not only do people prefer the taste, they credit Cocogo for steady energy, no muscle cramps, being easy on the stomach, and preventing “the bonk.” And when you compare Cocogo to other sports drinks, you’ll see the proof: Cocogo offers the best balance of electrolytes, contains an ideal blend of sugars, and has seven essential vitamins.
Here's info from their website:

Dehydration is as much an issue for athletes as it is for average Janes and Joes. When your body loses water through sweat, digestion, and even breathing, you’re also losing key nutrients that help you function. Without proper hydration and electrolyte balance, you’ll experience very real effects:

  • Fatigue and less energy
  • Reduced mental focus
  • Muscle cramping
  • Decreased endurance

Ingredients to go for

Cocogo helps you hydrate more effectively with Mother Nature’s natural nutrients. Fruits like these deliver vitamins and minerals to your cells.
  • Coconut Water replenishes necessary minerals lost through sweat
  • Grapes, Berries, Passion Fruit, and Citrus bring authentic flavor. They sweeten without tasting sugary. Their vitamins don’t hurt a bit, either. Compare nutrients with other drinks
  • Monk Fruit adds natural sweetness and health-promoting compounds

Electrolyte Positive™ for Positive Results

People who use cocogo say the taste gets them started. And the taste keeps them going. Unlike super-sweet sports drinks, they can keep drinking cocogo through even the toughest activities. They don’t feel queasy. They don’t cramp or run out of steam. And they don’t want to use anything else again. See what people are saying

Our Review:
FANTASTIC! I usually can't drink sports drinks during my workouts because they make my stomach queasy, so  I enjoyed these as a post workout recovery hydration drink. Jared is able to drink sports mixes during his workouts and he enjoyed them as well! The flavors were very tasty! Our favorite was definitely the Raspberry Passionfruit! MMM!!! 

We usually only drink plain water all day long, except for those rare occassions when Jared will drink a sports drink for a workout or we indulge in a Zevia soda, so these were great to help us rehydrate even better than plain water. 

Please check out their website and try some for yourself!

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