Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How our family stays Heart Healthy!

Today we want to share with you how our family stays Heart Healthy! 
First of all, we are BIG TIME EATERS. Second, we are BIG TIME FITNESS BUFFS. With that being said, we balance the two by cooking and eating HEALTHY and natural meals that fuel our body properly.

We love to eat fresh fruits and veggies throughout the day. Our favorites include strawberries, bananas, watermelon, carrots, celery, broccoli and mushrooms. (Okay, mushrooms are just Kelsey's thing, Jared HATES them! haha) 

We LOVE to spend time together in the kitchen. It's kinda our thing. We enjoy using healthy ingredients to make amazingly tasty and nutritious meals! Our favorite dinner to cook is some version of chicken with roasted veggies on the side.  When we're apart, we take pictures of our food and send to the other so we can enjoy what they're having too.

For the fitness side of staying heart healthy, we are fortunate enough to EXERCISE while Jared is working! He is a professional golfer on the Web.Com Tour. For those of you who haven't walked a full 18 holes of golf, go try it out! Then, add in some major hills on some courses and you'll work up quite the appetite! ;) 

We love to fuel with protein bars and good ol' fashioned peanut butter sandwiches while we are in the middle of a round.

Another passion we both share is our love of good, hard workouts. We strength train 3x a week! We enjoy working out together on the road with whatever equipment we have available. Sometimes, we are lucky to have some REALLY AWESOME GYMS to use!  Kelsey is also a Dance Fit Instructor and is a SPIN class fanatic! Jared trains with his sports trainer to develop more muscle strength specific to his golf career.

Overall, we eat foods with lots of protein, healthy fats, and proper nutrients. Of course, there are also times when we LOVE to indulge in junk food, our favorite being PIZZA! YUM! It's all about balance for our family. 

So there you have it... that's how we stay Heart Healthy! 

How 'bout you!?!?



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