Monday, January 12, 2015

BODYpeace E-book Review

I was given the opportunity to review my fellow FitFluential Ambassadors, Kasey Arena & Heather Waxman's book, BODYPEACE! 

As a young girl, I went through a rough time with my body image and eating properly. You can read my story here if you haven't already. I am very grateful for the help my parents when I was younger, but ever since I met Jared, I have gotten ten million times better than I was back then!  I am SO THANKFUL that God brought him into my life, not only as my amazing husband, but also as my helpmate to totally conquer my negative body image. Do I still have some slip ups where I think I'm "too big or bloated"? YES! But, I am human after all. Thankfully, God tells Jared the EXACT words to say to help me get through those annoying and negative thoughts that swim through my head. 


Recently, I was given the opportunity to review Kasey and Heather's book called BODYpeace. It is a WONDERFUL tool for someone who is struggling with negative body image. I highly recommend it. It has two parts, the first part is about feeling better about your body because we are all unique. The second part is about how you react to certain foods and how to get rid of the negative thoughts that come with some foods. They shared some great tips and helpful guides to get you through those rough times!

Please check out their BODYpeace challenge!!!

They are also on Twitter and Instagram if you would like some POSITIVE messages to scroll through! 


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