Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Healthy Cookies from WB Kitchen

WB Kitchen sent us some cookies and bars to review. 
We were not compensated for this post, just sent product. All opinions are our own.

Here's some info about WB Kitchen from their website:
What WB Kitchen offers is not just all natural honey sweets, it represents a state of mind. As humans our food choices directly reflect the level of conscious awareness we bring into the rest of our lives. Choosing to nourish our bodies with real and harmonious foods brings us more in balance with our community and our planet. Eating the foods mother nature intended allows you to feel and be healthier, happier and more vibrant. This is how we choose foods for our own bodies and wish only the same for YOU!
At WB Kitchen we believe in real food for real people. Our honey sweets are hand crafted using local Colorado honey and all natural ingredients. Preservatives, artificial colors and flavors have no place in our products and are never used.
For more info on living a healthy and conscious life please check out our links.
 Our Review:
These cookies were SO TASTY! We couldn't believe how few ingredients they had! We were shocked that they were only filled with natural, healthy, ingredients because they tasted SO decadent! If we HAD to pick a favorite, (because let's be real, we loved ALL of them) it would be the Coconut Shortbread.
Most of the cookies have coconut flour and coconut oil in them which are SO good for your body! They taste good AND are good for your body!?!?  Talk about a win win! TWO THUMBS UP! 


Please visit their website and try some of your own. You won't be disappointed!

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