Wednesday, August 10, 2016

New (To Us) Companies That We Are Loving Right Now

 We are very fortunate to be able to try lots of amazing products for free in order to host reviews on this blog. Today, we are sharing a TON of new (to us) companies that we think you'll love as well! 

We were not compensated monetarily by any of these companies, just sent free product. All opinions are our own. 

First up, we have some incredible on-the-go, or in Jared's case, perfect snacks for the golf course!

This jerky was delicious! There were many flavors to choose! My personal favorite was the honey barbecue. I took it to the beach with me and it was SO SO SO GOOD. Jared's favorite was the Original, he said it was a nice change of pace from your typical jerky!   

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These bars were tasty. The apple flavor tasted like apple pie! The chocolate ones did melt a little in Jared's golf bag, but that's typical of any bar that has chocolate in it. They are similar in texture to a Larabar. Thumbs up from the Wolfepack! 

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As always, Fit Snack delivers amazing healthy products right to our door. This month, our favorite product was the Action Whey protein bar. It was very chewy and reminded me of taffy, so I felt like I was eating candy. Jared couldn't believe I saved the last bite for him to try it, haha ;) He agreed that it was great! There are always so many healthy snacks inside each box. Sign up with this link and save on your first box! 

Now onto some new easy meals...

As much as we love oatmeal, we never thought to use it as part of a meal! We thought these meals and sides were great. The oats had a great texture along with the delicious flavors in each meal and side. My favorite was the Unstuffed Pepper. I thought it was a clever name and the flavors were incredible! Jared covered the curry because he is a fan of spices! These meals inspired me to try and create some recipes with oats! 

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80Fresh is founded on the commonly held belief that 80% of success in reaching fitness and health goals is determined by eating habits. We’ll take care of the 80, with pre-portioned, pre-prepped, chef-designed meals that deliver the nutrition you need with the taste and comfort you crave. You’ll enjoy the “Fresh” that comes with our delicious meals - combining the contrasting demands of taste, nutrition, ease, and freshness. 

80 Fresh was kind enough to send 2 portions of Southwest Chili and Shepherd's Pie. I invited Laura over for a girl's night to catch up and try the chili. It was a hit! The chili was a little spicy, but not over the top. We thought it was flavorful and definitely easy to cook. All we had to do was heat it on the stove.  
The Shepherd's Pie stole the show though. It was incredibly tasty and filling and simply delicious. I want to recreate this meal at home for Jared sometime! I think he would love it too. It was nice that it wasn't loaded down with a heavy crust. The top layer was mashed cauliflower! This was also super easy to cook. It came with a tin that fit the fillings perfectly and baked for 20 minutes. So cool! 

And lastly, a new skin care product...

The Nitrosomonas in the AO+ Mist work by consuming the irritating compounds produced by your skin (like ammonia and urea in sweat), and in turn producing beneficial byproducts. Specifically, Nitrosomonas produce Nitrite and Nitric Oxide. Nitrite tames the bad bacteria and promotes the good bacteria on the skin. Nitric Oxide is a key antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. These two byproducts together do a great deal to help promote healthy skin overall.
I used the shampoo, cleanser, and mist for about a month. While I didn't see any super dramatic changes, I did notice that my skin wasn't as dry as usual. I'll have to check with Jared and see if I stink less haha. If you are looking for a completely different approach to skin care, this is definitely a product for you! 

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