Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Our Golf Life is Hard, but God Helps us Persevere!

Today, I am going to pour out my heart. 

Oh, where do I begin? Golf is hard. Golf is fun. Golf is a rollercoaster.  

A few months ago, Jared played in his first Web.Com Tour event of the season. He made the cut and we were thrilled! Then, he had a rough weekend and finished close to last. A few weeks later, he Monday qualified into the New York tournament and not only made the cut, he finished around the middle of the pack. He's making so much progress! 

Then, fast forward a few weeks and we are to the point we are today. He didn't make it through the past two Monday qualifiers. As Jared's wife, it absolutely BREAKS MY HEART to see him disappointed in himself. 

My husband is the HARDEST working man out there and he puts his heart and soul into grinding every single day. I want more than anything for him to make it to the PGA Tour one day. If you know Jared and I at all, this has nothing to do with money, it's all about the dream and calling God has placed on our life. That's why we are NOT discouraged by these couple of setbacks. We fully believe and trust that God's plan is THE BEST plan and we are so blessed to enjoy this amazing life that He has given us, that we don't have time to complain and be negative. We choose to focus on the positive in every situation. We know that God is teaching us something new EVERY SINGLE DAY. Even when the world thinks that we are struggling, we know that we are THRIVING because we have God as our comfort and strength! With every bad golf round, God is molding us into an even better version of ourselves and helping us become an even stronger couple. 

This devotional book is something we read together every single night. A lot of the time, Jared has to read it from a picture that I send to him because he is on the road. It's amazing how every single night, God tells us EXACTLY what we need to hear for that day. 

I can't tell you how many texts we receive after a missed qualifier that say how sorry they are because we didn't make it in. Please DON'T feel sorry for us because we have had a couple of missed tournament opportunities. Instead, please pray that we will make the most of the journey that God has given us and support one another in love. Please pray that we will fully hear what God is trying to teach us through each setback. 

I wish I could list all of the incredible blessings that we receive, but that would take up the entire space on the internet. I'll mention a few on this post just to prove that God is REAL and HE is the reason that we are doing what we are doing. 

First of all, our jobs are amazing. I am so blessed to be able to spend time with this HILARIOUS kid. I have so many funny stories to tell Jared at the end of each day. One day, Jared was practicing at Sawgrass which is near the library with a pond to feed the fish and turtles. Jared came over for a break and totally surprised Christopher. He jumped out of his seat in the car and did a happy dance the moment he saw Jared! This simple gesture brought Christopher so much joy and it just melted my heart. He only stayed for about 20 minutes because he had to keep practicing, but for that 20 minutes, Christopher was the happiest kid in the world. The fact that we can squeeze in a FEW extra minutes of time together when Jared is home is another huge blessing! 

My job covers our monthly expenses and even allows room for a few fun grocery purchases or surprises now and then. God has covered ALL of our needs and a lot of our wants too. We stick to our budget and when we can do a little something extra, we appreciate it so much more! 

We are also extremely grateful for our amazing families. We have the best of the best! They always spoil us when they come to visit and Jared's dad has been caddying for him to help save money. We cannot thank both sides enough for their love and support! 

Jared's job allows him to travel all over the country and experience so many cool things. He has met so many people and shown God's love everywhere he goes. A lot of people notice the scripture on his yardage book cover and that is one way for him to talk to people about Jesus. 2 Timothy 1:7, "For God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness, but one of power, love and sound judgment." I am so proud of my husband for being a light everywhere he goes. 

My prayer is that you all would know and believe that God loves you and wants to be the Lord of your life too! God is the best thing in our lives and we couldn't do this without Him! 

Lastly, we hit our 3 year mark of being Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe this past Monday! Cheers for 3 years!  


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