Wednesday, November 30, 2016

New Product Round Up #275

Today, we have a few new butters, bars, and snacks to share with you! We are grateful for the opportunity to review so many delicious and nutritious snacks. 

Talk about a protein win! These puffs are an easy way to get in a lot of extra protein to your day! We poured them in yogurt, smoothie bowls and oatmeal. They contain unflavored whey from pasture raised cows with no NO: SOY, GLUTEN, HORMONES, ACID, BLEACH, GMO'S!!!

We love these Whey Protein Puffs and we know you will too! Check out their website, FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for more info. 

This is the world's first SKINLESS popcorn!!! Here's some more info from their website:
We start with a kernel of corn and remove the skin using a very unique (secretive!) process. The skin is the annoying part that always ends up stuck in your teeth and that you end up trying to wrestle out with your tongue for the next 2 hours. Not fun!
Once the skin is removed, the kernel is then popped under high pressure. Not heat! Using high pressure locks in all the nutrients and maintains its flavor.
Most conventional popcorn is popped using heat, salt, oils and butter.
Not New Pop! No Oil, No Salt and No Butter used here!
After our skinless kernels have popped, we add a dash of raw organic cane sugar and a dusting of natural flavors to create our different flavor varieties.
             New Pop is Non-GMO, Vegan and Gluten-Free!
It took a little bit to get used to the different texture of this popcorn. Jared absolutely LOVED it and said it reminded him of corn pop cereal from when he was younger. So, we decided to put some in our smoothie bowls and it was a huge hit! It was the perfect little crunch without getting stuck in our teeth like regular popcorn! 

Check out their website,  Facebook, and Instagram for more info. 

We were surprised at how delicious these butters tasted without any added sugars! The only ingredient in the coconut butter was raw organic coconut butter and the only ingredient in the almond butter was organic raw sprouted almonds. INCREDIBLE! 

We enjoyed spreading both on our waffles, toast, and oatmeal. It's a great way to get in some extra healthy fats to your day! We also made a little jar with each butter mixed together so it made a coconut almond butter that was insanely good! YUM! 

Check out their website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more details and to see lots of other amazing snacks! 

These protein bars were very tasty! They were the perfect post workout fuel and pick me up because they have caffeine in them! Jared said the chocolate ones tasted like a straight up cookie and I thought the cinnamon bunz tasted extremely similar to a cinnamon bun, just in a different form. Super yummy and good ingredients! 

Check out their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see all they have going on and their other flavors! 

JUST LOOK AT THOSE FULL SIZE PRODUCTS IN THAT BOX!!! We were super pumped to find a full jar of Purely Inspired powdered peanut butter, beef jerky, tickle water, and more of our favorites like Smarty Pants vitamins and Kamut snacks! This box was LOADED with stuff! Please click this link to order yours today! 


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