Sunday, January 24, 2010

well, I am officially all done with my first READING summary assignment...and it's not due until Feb 8th. :-) ahhhh I'm so relieved.

Today, I watched the babies again, and it was sooooo sweet. I think Grayson, one of my favorite little ones, actually recognizes me now! He always smiles a HUGE smile at me when I come in and he comes right over to me. Every week, it never fails that he falls asleep in my arms 10 minutes before the parents come. SO SO SWEET! :) anyways, I just made new babysitting cards, so I gave one to his mom when she picked him up and two other moms as well! :)

I love babysitting and love staying busy with it, so hopefully I will get some more families! :)

I'm getting ready to go to the Denley's house for a Bible Study. It's really's called "A Christian Conversation". They are such a sweet family. The husband is an AMAZING cook and they make us a homecooked meal EVERY Sunday night. Afterwards, we have a conversation about random things. One week it was about being a part of the world, but not OF the world, one week it was on Homosexuality, etc... it's just a conversation with other Christians about what we feel we should be doing in relevance to what we're talking about. I really enjoy it.


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