Saturday, November 20, 2010

Diamond Dash

well, we didn't win...but we sure had fun! This year it was an even playing field because you HAD to only use your feet. no bikes, scooters, etc were allowed. The only thing was that daddy and I were at a slight disadvantage because we just used a regular phone. if you had an iPhone, you could download an APP that let you see all of the clues and you could answer them in any order you wanted. whereas, with our regular phone, we just had a clue texted to us, and we had to go in the order we were given. regardless, it was still a lot of fun!

my brother's girlfriend actually has a brother and sister that live here, so she actually came and played with her brother...and they came in SECOND!! and the kicker is that they lost by ONE STINKIN' POINT!!!!!! ahhh so close! I think that stinks worse than the way daddy and I felt! haha...oh well, we still beat mom and Kacy, so we were happy! ;)

tomorrow is my first cooking attempt for my parents...hope it goes smoothly!!!

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