Monday, August 20, 2012

Changes to my Workout Routine

Ever since I started my new job, I've changed my workout schedule. I get to school at 7:30 at the latest, and can leave at 3:30 at the earliest. I didn't like the thought of working out after school, but I decided that sleep was more important than getting up super early to workout before work. I am SO HAPPY with my decision. It has actually been way better than I could've imagined! It allows me to work a little after the students leave, WORKOUT (which is a big stress relief and FUN), then I can go home, eat dinner, and work a little more if needed. That mental break is a treasure! I LOVE IT! 

(still eating my 20+ grams of protein after strength training to build muscle!)

I also LOVE my job! I am having a blast teaching my precious first graders! They are so sweet and it's so awesome to see students that are excited to learn! 


Every once in a while, I ditch the workout clothes, curl my hair, and put on a little makeup for a date night with my hubby. Lucky for me, ...