Grinch Day 2012 and Announcement!!

On Wednesday, we had Grinch Day at school. My students LOVED my outfit and hair. They were fascinated by how tall my hair was! haha We had a contest with the faculty for who would be the "Who-si-est of Whos" and I was the runner up! 
It was a fun fun day! We went to the library and sat on a sleigh while the older kids read to my class. Then, we had Grinch Snacks while we watched the movie. We also held hands and sang the Who Ville song around the big Christmas tree in the foyer. I had just as much fun as the kids did! 

I finally got to babysit again! I LOVE IT! One thing I've noticed is that dogs are drawn to me. Everytime I am around a dog they want to sit in my lap and cuddle up with me. This dog decided to sit on the TOP of the couch and put his face RIGHT next to mine. We both fell asleep. haha

Today, Jared and I had a lunch date from MILES AWAY!! Thank you FaceTime! It was really nice to "eat together". 



 Does anybody have their New Years Resolutions in mind yet? If losing weight is one of them, I have some exciting news to share with you... You could win $1000! :)

 Stay tuned on my blog for details!!!