Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Acnetene® Acne Treatment System Review

Seth from Faber Products LLC sent me their brand new complete acne kit to try and review on the blog!

Here's some info from the website:
Acnetene® 5-Step System kit for controlling & healing acne, blemishes and pimples & zits!
  • Acnetene® AcneWash® - Gently cleans pores of infection, dirt and oil leaving skin feeling refreshed and clean!
  • Acnetene® PimplePads® - A daily toner that disinfects and cleans pores of the most stubborn dirt, oils and contaminants
  • Acnetene® PimplePaste® - The industry standard for gentle exfoliation, irrigating pores of infection, bacteria and clogging. Leaves complexion smooth and soft. Excellent as a daily spot treatment, exfoliant or mask
  • Acnetene® ClearCream® - An excellent acne moisturizing cream instantly replenishes lost hydration. Moisturizes skin that has become dry, cracking or inflammed or irritated due to excessive washing or acne medications
    My Review:
    The smell of the AcneWash and PimplePads is not the best smell in the world. 
    As far as clearing up my acne goes, it does a good job. My face is not completely clear, but I noticed my face did clear up a little. The thing I like MOST is that it DID NOT dry my skin out like most of the other acne medicines that I've tried before. 
    It has kept my pimples under control. I'll take that! I actually went to the dermatologist a couple years ago because of my acne. This stuff does just as good as the stuff my doctor prescribed! 
    I loved the ClearCream that I put on after the first three steps. It was very moisturizing. 
    I am so glad I will be able to use this before OUR BIG DAY!!!
    128 days to go...   

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