Friday, May 31, 2013

OU81 Bars Review

OU81 sent me some of their bars to try and review on my blog. Here's some info from their website:

It all started back in the summer of 2011…6 months into CrossFit and frustrated with my “paleo” food options, I needed a sweet treat. As a foodie/fat kid at heart, I needed something that not only was nutritious but just as important – tasty! That’s where the mission started. The first bar, admittedly, was disgusting. After making a few tweaks the next product tasted good but looked like a dog biscuit. After experimenting with numerous batches, a testable prototype was created. The 1st guinea pigs, I mean test subjects, were my fellow CrossFitters and coaches at my box. The feedback was amazing and Nosh Bar was officially born!  6 months into our experiment, we ran into trademark issues and had to change the company name to “OU81″ and here we stand today!  (If you’d like to get a bit more detailed information about us, please check out our first blog post.)

Our Review: 9/10!
(I've had to change these to "OUR" review because Jared always seems to sneak some of my products for himself ;) haha... just kidding. He is a great helper!) 

Jared loved the chocolate flavors! He ate them as mid-round fuel on the golf course. "They taste excellent, and are full of flavor!" 

We loved the flavors and textures of the bars. The only reason we gave it a 9 was because we wanted the bars to be bigger! They tasted great, they were just a little small for our liking. But, we do like to eat...A LOT... haha. ;) 

The other thing that I wanted to point out was that each wrapper has a BIBLE VERSE printed on it. WE THOUGHT THAT WAS AWESOME!!! Two big thumbs up for that! It's so wonderful to see companies spreading God's Word. :) 

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