Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Yu! Healthy Snacks Review

Here's some info about Yu! Snacks from their website:
Hi I'm Philip O'Connor and with my mate John Toomey, we bring you Yu! We set out to create
healthy snacks that would really appeal to kids,
only to find that adults love them too. Interesting the whole family in healthy snacks can be challenging (to say the least!). My wife Mary does a brilliant job of keeping the fruit bowl full and fresh - but it remains mostly untouched, just like the fruit she'd lovingly stuff into our kids' lunchboxes. 

That's where Yu! comes in! 

Made from real fruit, the Yu! range is the perfect solution to healthier snacking on the go. There are four delicious ranges, including three with a natural yogurt coating. Importantly, nothing we make contains any artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives. 

It's worked brilliantly with our kids, and we hope it will with you too.

If you're anything like John and me, you'll probably find yourself pinching Yu! from your kids! We have quickly discovered that Yu! is seriously appealing to those of us who are no longer at school too. 

Yu! is a delicious and easy way to start putting fruit back into our lives

John and I set up Yu! in 2010 with the aim of discovering and bringing you delicious fruity snacks. Nutritionists and dieticians constantly seem to recommend we eat more fruit, and how often are we reminded about our '5 a day'? So whether you're on the go, in the office, or relaxing in front of the box, this is the snack for Yu! We have always said that there's a delicate balance between good health and great taste, and after years of searching, we hope Yu'll agree that we've found it.



My Review: 10/10!

These tasty treats were all covered in yogurt! Yogurt bars, yogurt covered granola and fruit pieces, yogurt covered raisins...etc... I LOVE YOGURT! These snacks were perfect for an after meal "dessert" or just when I wanted something sweet, but not unhealthy for me.

Check out their website at:


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