Monday, January 6, 2014

Active D'Lites Review

Active D'Lites sent us some of their chocolates to review! 
Here is a little info about them first:
Active D’Lites contain premium probiotics and prebiotics which are stable, clinically-documented, and demonstrate proven efficacy in strengthening gut health and boosting immunity. All Active D’Lites products are also non-GMO, low carb and have no sugar added (they are sweetened with stevia).Active D’Lites DailyBites are 50 calories each, contain 20 billion probiotics and have 3g of total fiber.Active D’Lites Bars are 100 calories each, contain 10 billion probiotics and have 7 to 9g of total fiber.

Jared's Review:
11 out of 10!!!

These little chocolate bites are unreal!! They taste amazing. 
 By far my favorite is the caramel. 
 Coconut is a close second to the caramel one though. 
They are spot on with the taste that chocolate needs to be.
 They are packed with probiotics which is really cool. 
 Great little snack or treat when you have that urge.  

**I have to add in that my in-laws REALLY loved these too! Jared was kind enough to share with them! :) **

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