Thursday, November 6, 2014

God's Ways are Better Than Ours

Even when things don't go the way that we HOPED they would go, God always takes care of us. This year, Jared didn't make it past first stage of Q-school. It happens. That's the name of the game of GOLF. You have your good years, bad years, good days, bad days, good rounds and bad rounds, but through it all, GOD IS GOOD! We are so grateful that God has given us the opportunity to BE TOGETHER and TRAVEL TOGETHER for a couple months, before we figure out what's going to happen for next year. I caddied for Jared at Q-school and a PGA qualifier, and will caddy for him on a few mini-tour tournaments until the end of the year. I am also SO VERY GRATEFUL that God has given me a few families to babysit for here and there, because I truly LOVE caring for children. It brings my heart so much joy! 

So, here's a few pics to share from our first month and a half in Florida:

Jared and his dad went on a fishing charter boat when Jared's parents visited. 

Ok, so when you move to Florida, you can't shop at Kroger anymore. We LOVE Manager's Special shopping at Kroger, and even ended pretty much EVERY DATE NIGHT WE HAVE EVER HAD at Kroger to search for Manager's Specials. True story. While we were in Mississippi for the PGA qualifier, we went to EVERY Kroger we could find. We RACKED UP on protein bars and peanut butter. WE WERE PUMPED!!!! 

During first stage, we tried out a completely Organic Vegan restaurant. Jared was skeptical at first because he believes that dinner is not complete without some meat involved, but he loved his zucchini pasta and salad and I absolutely LOVED my veggie burger! The food was very flavorful and tasty. 

My parents were very gracious to drive 10 hours to bring us our LAST load of stuff from our old house and spend a few days visiting. We made them our homemade pizza and they loved it! (It means a lot coming from my dad who has a self proclaimed "Body by Kellogg".. haha)  He was surprised at how well we have been budgeting and buying natural foods and feeding our bodies well. Although he didn't say he would be switching to super healthy eating anytime soon, but my mom is actually interested in taking baby steps to eat healthier. I am super proud of her!

We finally got our FAVORITE piece of art to hang up in the apartment! We LOVE pizza, but don't worry, we LOVE fitness too! :) It's all about balance!

My mom is a WONDERFUL photographer, and she captured some really sweet pics at the beach one evening. Thanks mom! :) 

I'll end this post with a pic that I found on Twitter that I LOVE. Even though Jared didn't make it through Q-school this year, these past few weeks have been incredible. We are fully trusting in God and know that He will ALWAYS take care of us. I am praying that He will help us prepare our hearts to be strong starting in January if we have to spend a lot of time apart again like we did last year. I am completely on board and will always be Jared's number one fan! He is going to keep on persevering and playing the game that God has gifted him with incredible talent and determination! Through whatever tour we are on, our main goal is to shine Christ's love to everyone around us and be His disciples! 

Infinity Ball