Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Wrawps Food Review and GIVEAWAY

Wrawps sent us some flat bread to review! Here's a little info about them from their website:
We are pleased to provide you double the nutritional ingredients consequently making our wrawps fuller, non breakable all while providing you twice the nutritional value! More vitamins, more minerals and more amino acids in the same pack! Get your daily nutrition from raw wrawp made of fresh vegetables and ground flax seeds filled with Omega 3!

Are you on a diet? Have cravings for every day food, sandwich or wrap, and don't want to eat a regular tortillas or bread with flour, carbs, gluten and fat?

Its Raw, Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free, Low Fat, Sugar Free, Diabetic friendly, all natural, high in fiber, full of flavor and rich in nutrition! No white salt or sugar and low in calories. It is full of Complex Vitamin B and Omega 3! It helps to prevent heart disease, blood sugar, diabetes, high cholesterol, and colon problems.
It's HAND MADE, LIVE, HEALTHY, AND UNCOOKED, Dehydrated at 115F. No trans-fat, No saturated fat, no oils, no preservatives, easy to digest, live Vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes.


Our Review:
We enjoyed these wrawps as a healthy alternative to shake up our everyday lunches. We put some turkey and cheese and rolled them up to enjoy at the golf course. They had a very tasty flavor to them. Our favorite was the Smokey Haven. We didn't need to add any spices to these wrawps because they were so full of flavor.

We also used them for our breakfast a couple days. We made eggs and added some cream cheese to make a delicious wrawp! 

Please check out their website and order some for yourself!

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