Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Fresh Spin on Old Routines

I don't know about you, but I absolutely LOVE shaking up my workout routine every once in a while. For this post, I've partnered up with Zevia. They are full swing in to #TheNewSweet campaign where they are asking people to put a fresh spin on their old routines in time for spring! You can join the fun by following them on Instagram and Twitter and hashtagging #TheNewSweet. 

We love to drink a cold Zevia during practice time! It's so refreshing after being in the sun for a while! 

This spring we have been VERY VERY FORTUNATE to be living in sunny Florida! WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! I have been able to attend a few of Jared's smaller tournaments that are on the weekends because they are only a couple hours away. So this spring, I've been caddying when I can. We walk upwards of 5-6 miles each round and the bag isn't exactly light, but thanks to the double strap, it's easy on my back and I really enjoy getting a workout in while I'm helping my man on the course! :)
Because the smaller tournaments are over and Jared is getting prepared for the Canadian Tour this summer, I am taking advantage of the free weeks at different gyms around town. We are just using our apartment gym because it's included in the rent and it's so convenient that we can just walk to it every morning. I was PUMPED to shake things up when Jared was at Q-School last month, because I got to take all of my favorite group fitness classes that I've missed so much! Zumba and Spin, but I also got to try a new Boot Camp and a TRX class! They were AWESOME!!!!

Jared is fortunate to be able to use the fancy gym at the course for the Pros any day he wants, and I was lucky enough to join him a couple times! They have ropes, TRX, foam rollers, weighted medicine balls, kettlebells, and so much more that we don't have in our apartment gym. It was so fun to GO HARD and really confuse my muscles by doing something different!


And lastly, I had to throw in a funny picture. We got to watch The Players tournament for free and let me tell you, we walked A LOT! Jared's app on his phone said we walked 14 miles that day! I made the mistake of wearing flip flops and my feet were killing me, but it was still a very fun day! 

Jared was so excited to see all of his favorite golfers up close and watch how they did things to improve his game, so I decided to have him take a picture of me "mocking him" when Tiger walked by and when Jared snapped the pic, it was the perfect timing to catch Tiger checking me out! HAHAHA!!! If you zoom in on his eyes, you'll notice he is not looking at my goofy face....
Jared thought this was the coolest thing ever. It brought some good laughs, that's for sure. 

What can you do to put a fresh spin on your old routine?

Let us know in the comments and/or hashtag #TheNewSweet on social media with Zevia!

*Zevia did not compensate us for this post, however they did give us coupons for free Zevia.  All thoughts and opinions are our own.*

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