Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Favorites 6/5/15

Today, is all about Friday Favorites! Just a little round up of some of our favorite moments over the past week.

1. The PGA Tour Canada Season began last week ... And... JARED MADE THE CUT!!!
2. We are having fun sending photos back and forth to each other because Jared has to be in Wifi to recieve any texts, emails, etc. We are both being INTENTIONAL about including each other in part of our days because we are apart and communication has proven to be difficult. We can't have a regular phone call with each other. We have to use FaceTime and it doesn't work very well most of the time, but you know what is awesome? Even though this is the WORST COMMUNICATION availability (bad reception and a 3 hour time zone difference) we have gone through so far, it has been THE BEST TWO WEEKS APART of our entire marriage! God is REALLY WORKING in us! I have been more FLEXIBLE when plans change and Jared has been more INTENTIONAL to include me in what he is doing and participating in. (Jared got to spend a day on a boat and do what he loves the most to relax: GO FISHING!) I haven't been jealous, I've just been EXCITED for him! I have also started leading a women's small group and making connections with girls here has been GREAT! We are studying "Unglued" by Lisa TerKurst and it is such an encouragement and blessing to be part of such a great group of godly women! 

3. Jared was INTENTIONAL and set aside time to FaceTime with me for an hour and have a little Friday Night Date! (Well, technically it was the afternoon for Jared, haha!)
4. The little boy I nanny absolutely LOVES Jared and was super excited to get his OWN golf clubs so we could practice, and he can "Play with Jared" when he comes home for a break week! Every day, he asks me "Is Jared home from Canada yet?" and he also tells me I can stay at his house so I don't have to be alone. HOW SWEET! 
5. I won my FAVORITE Peanut Butter RXBars from their trivia contest! YUM! 

6. I had an excellent workout this morning. Sweated so much that it left an imprint of my shirt on the floor!

7. My friend Lindsey and I had a girls night with Qrunch Burgers and Milton's Craft Bakers Crackers and Cookies!

The burgers are so easy to make, all you have to do is TOAST THEM!
I topped mine with hummus and Lindsey put different sauces on hers.
Lindsey just recently found out she has to eat gluten free, so these foods were great for her! She said "These crackers are the BEST gluten free crackers I have ever had!" She also said "The Qrunch Burgers are tasty and the crunchy coating makes me remember eating Wendy's Chicken Nuggets, but these are HEALTHY!" Talk about a WIN WIN! 

We definitely gave these a big THUMBS UP! Please visit their websites and follow them on social media! 

Milton's Facebook and Twitter

Qrunch Foods and Miltons Craft Bakers sent us coupons and free product. We were not compensated for this post. All opinions are our own.


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