Wednesday, June 24, 2015

God is SO Good!


Words cannot express the HUGE 180 degree turn that we have both made this season! We are truly putting God FIRST in our lives and leaning on HIM for our true joy and satisfaction. Yes, we are both human, and we are not perfect, but we are working our hardest on giving God our expectations of each other and letting HIM do the work in our spouse instead of us trying to change the other on our own.
We were SO grateful for the 13 days we got to spend together between tournaments. We soaked up as much time as we could with each other AND with our wonderful friends and church family!  

We enjoyed a date night out! We went to the World Golf Hall of Fame, dinner, and a movie! (Glad we had some Nature's Bakery Fig Bars with us to tide us over til dinner...haha)
Our church young adult group has a FITNESS small group that meets on Saturdays. They had a contest to see who could step up and lead a workout and WE were chosen! It was so fun to lead a workout together! Fitness is a passion for both of us and it was super cool to be able to lead a workout and fellowship with friends! 

Our apartment complex had a Luau, and I actually WON the Limbo contest! I never in a million years thought I would ever say that, but I did! The prize was a $100 gift card to Target! Just another way that God is letting us know that HE provides and HE is helping us ALL the time! Thank you Jesus! 

I wore my new shirt that Jared brought me home from Canada to church on Sunday night to show how proud I am of him and that I miss him! It's like he was there with me, sort of... haha


I am hosting a small group of women on Thursday nights now and I am SO VERY GRATEFUL for all of them! We are doing the study called Unglued by Lysa Terkurst and it has been such an amazing study for ALL of us! It is so uplifting to get encouragement from these women. 

I personally have grown leaps and bounds from the study. It's all about learning to control your emotions when things don't go as planned and not becoming UNGLUED. I am an extreme Type A personality and I like to plan things in advance. When things happen suddenly, it is very difficult for me to just go with the flow, BUT, I am growing stronger in this area! I am making "imperfect progress" as Lysa says in the study. So much so, that Jared thought I was JOKING one day because I handled an unplanned situation SO CALMLY. That was the best compliment to me and I want to keep making progress so that reaction will be the NORM! 

I'll end with talking about how much Jared is being intentional and sending fun pictures of his adventures in Canada! He explored an oil company yesterday. He sent me TONS of funny pics to let me feel like I was actually there having fun with him! 

Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray that we will keep getting better on the things we need to work on! Pray that we will SHINE GOD'S LIGHT everywhere we go and that we will be BOLD in our faith! 

Infinity Ball