Monday, July 6, 2015

Spending Time Together in Saskatoon!

Golf... It's full of ups and downs... Jared had a couple bad holes, but he didn't give up. He fought hard til the end, and I am so proud of him for that! Satan is working hard to beat him down for little mistakes, but he kept his score under par and even each day.  So, while we didn't make the cut this week, we SURELY ENJOYED OUR TIME TOGETHER IN SASKATOON!!!  

It's true what they say... Everyone in Canada is SO SO NICE! 

I enjoy caddying and will carry that heavy bag all over the world for my handsome man! I love being by his side! 

Jared has learned some new phrases that Canadians say about golf. 
1.When someone putts and it goes past the hole, they say it carried too much weight, if it's short, they say it was not enough weight. 
2. They use golf as a verb. Example: "I golfed yesterday." 

If you know me at all, I absolutely LOVE popcorn, so I was super excited to find a genuine CANADIAN MAPLE BACON flavor to eat! It wasn't my favorite flavor ever, but it was definitely good! 
One night, we enjoyed our signature date nights with pizza and Netflix! We also found these Natural Sodas to drink. They didn't have all the weird ingredients like they do in the USA. You could really taste the difference and it was quite the treat! 
We were SUPER EXCITED (okay maybe just one of us was SUPER excited.. But Jared did say he enjoyed the good cardio) the Tour gave us gym passes. We did a tough strength workout together followed by a SPIN CLASS! 

All in all, we were VERY GRATEFUL God allowed us to be together this week. We are always learning something new that we can improve on and grow! Thankful for God's many many blessings! 

Infinity Ball