Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Workout Wednesday

We haven't talked about our workouts in a while, so today we wanted to share some of our favorite workouts we have done lately. Jared has certain exercises that he has to do for golf on the road and at home, but once in a while, he will shake things up and do these with me! It's fun to workout together! 

These workouts focus on using light weight or bodyweight and higher reps!
Repeat this 4 times through if you can! If not, just do what you can do! Cool down with abs and lots of stretching! 

This is a superset. Do the first two exercises (shoulders and squats) with cardio in between 4 times. Then, do the 2nd two (lat pull downs and step ups) with cardio in between 4 times. Lastly, do the final two exercises (bicep curl to press & close press pushups) with cardio in between. Cool down with abs and lots of stretching! 

This is another superset workout! Try to make it through each superset 4 times!

This was the workout I created for our LionHeart Fitness Small Group. Check out their Instagram page for even more fun workouts! 

We ALWAYS make sure to take in at least 20g of protein directly after our workout! It is ESSENTIAL to building your muscles! Please make sure you do as well!

Hope you enjoyed some of these workouts and let us know if you tried them out! 


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