Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Fitsnack Box January 2016

FitSnack Box strikes again! Seeing these boxes at our doorstep is always the highlight of our day! This month, it was packed full of healthy green mixes and juices to get our bodies full of veggies and vitamins in a few sips! 

We used the GREENS mix for our homemade waffles (only used banana, oats, green mix and water) and the NutriBlade beverage for our smoothies. Yum!

Jared was especially excited for the new Hot Chocolate Clif Bar to take on the course! 

Our favorite part of the box had to be the Morning Sunshine Cookie, which unfortunately we don't have an up close picture for because we totally ate it too fast! It was gone before we remembered to take a pic! haha 

If you haven't tried FitSnack Box yet, we highly recommend it!! Remember, you can get 50% off your first box by clicking this link!

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