Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Missing a Monday Qualifier by ONE is Like...

Golf is hard. It is a sport that is full of ups and downs. Today, I want to spill my heart out and let you inside a golf wife's brain. These past two weeks, Jared has tried to Monday Qualify for a Web.com Event and a PGA event. For the Web.Com event, he shot 5 under and went into a playoff with 2 other guys to compete for 1 spot. Jared's par putt lipped out (one of the most annoying things that happens) and he lost the playoff.  

The following week, he shot 6 under at the PGA event. He was tied for 3rd and they only took 4 players total, so he waited ALL DAY LONG for the rest of the groups to finish because he had a morning tee time. After waiting 7 hours to see if a playoff would happen, he got knocked out of the running because someone shot 8 under. 

I know that trying to explain what this feels like to someone who doesn't know about golf is close to impossible, so I wanted to share some other life scenarios that would come close to comparing. 

Missing a qualifier by one is like...

When Cronuts (crossant+donut) were a new hit thing, and you waited in line for five hours to taste one for the first time, only to be told as you reach the counter, that they are sold out. 

When your boyfriend dumps you and starts dating your best friend.

When you work your butt off to impress your boss in order to get a raise, but he gives it to the new guy who just started last month.

When you go on a road trip and you've almost reached your destination, but your car breaks down a mile away.

When you plan a vacation to the beach and are counting down the days only to arrive to a week full of rain and thunderstorms. 

 When you're out fishing on the lake all day long without a single bite until the very last minute; you tug and tug on the line and fight with that fish for almost an hour, and then it gets away. 

When you train for months for a marathon, and are making great time at the race and make your personal record, only to discover someone changed the signs of the course mid way through, so your time doesn't even count. 

When you're a kid and your mom says you can get something from the icecream man if they come by. You wait for a few hours in the hot sun and he comes, so you run inside and get your money. You buy the icecream and as soon as you're about to take a bite, a bird flies by and POOPS on it!

Missing a qualifier by one is the worst. As Jared's wife, I wish I could take away his hurt, disappointment, and pain. If you know me at all, I hate spending money that I don't need to, and I would give up our life savings if it meant that Jared would just be given the chance to compete in a PGA event. I KNOW he has what it takes, and the comforting part is that I KNOW GOD HAS IT ALL PLANNED OUT. Even when life is disappointing, God has it under control and the cool thing is that He has something even better in store for Jared's golf career! We are human and we feel the disappointment after a tough day, but after we get our feelings out, we just simply PRAISE God for all the many blessings He has given us. We have TOO MUCH to be thankful for and we want to make our praises louder than our petitions! I am SO PROUD of my hubby and I believe in him and know he will be there one day. I mean, look at this scorecard his mom sent me... And this was just thru 9 holes!!! 

These past two weeks being apart, we have grown in our marriage and it has been so fun to rejoice in that! God is so good and we have nothing but praises to shout! 

Thank you God for giving Jared this talent and we are so excited to keep being patient and see what you have in store for us next!


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