Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weekend Fun

Yesterday, I had lunch with Nikki at the Blackhorse that was supposed to be to celebrate her graduating college, but then, it shifted focus to congratulating her to getting a REAL JOB!!!! so proud of her!

I watched Blake in the afternoon for a few hours.

Then, I went out to see the movie Country Strong with two older friends, Christina and Jen. I had a BLAST! It was fun to break out of my "usual group" of friends. They are really nice and fun to hangout with!

Today, I had a dance party in my room for my workout. It was fun! Then, I showered and spent the afternoon browsing blogs and looking up recipes in my big pile of cookbooks that I got from the library. I found 3 that I want to try! :)

This evening, I watched Maddie. I brought her Christmas present (hey, better late than never, right?) and she got SO EXCITED when she saw the bubble bath..haha. Her parents already gave her a bath, so she will just have to enjoy it another day.. but her parents liked the book/cd I made that has my voice reading the book to her. Each time you are supposed to turn the page, a sleigh bell rings. My mom found the idea in a magazine and I thought it was cute, so I did it for some of the little kids I watch regularly!

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