Sunday, January 16, 2011

What a great weekend so far! :)

Friday, I watched Blake in the afternoon.

That night, I went to dinner at Ihop with my friends Katie, Courtney, and Tabitha. YUM!
Then, we tried to go bowling but there was an hour and a half wait.
We weren't too bummed because "The Social Network" was next on the agenda, so we just got a head start. It was really interesting to watch! I can't believe how smart some people are!

Saturday, I watched little Chandler in the morning. (I can't believe she's not really a "baby" anymore...She will be 2 in May! CRAZY!)

Then, I got ready, and drove to Nashville to spend the afternoon with my little cousin, Anna Kate, and Aunt Toni. We had a great time! :) We went to Trader Joes! I stocked up on cereal, HONEYCRISP APPLES, and got quite a few new things to try! I'm excited!

Now, I'm off to church and then Katie and I are going to take our small group leaders' little girl and her friend bowling with us! :)

and tonight we're finally having SMALL GROUP again!!!

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