Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Grandy Oats Granola Review

Grandy Oats sent me some of their granola and nuts to review!

Here's some info from their website:

Certified Organic – Nothing but the healthiest ingredients we could find.
Each of our products are Certified Organic and Kosher.
We believe that buying in bulk is one of the best ways to support a healthy planet. According to many national studies, purchasing goods online leaves less of a carbon footprint than buying the same items at a store. One study was even quoted as saying that the negative environmental impact of buying in stores is 50 times greater than buying online.
We also employ sustainable business practices in our bakeries. Bundle that with a reduction in packaging and a better value per serving, and you have a tasty treat that you can feel good about!
All of our products are shipped right to your front door and ready to eat. No more worrying about remembering to pick up your favorite breakfast foods or snacks at your grocery store…just order your month’s supply and enjoy! Healthy, easy and convenient!
Our products come in these convenient sizes:
PackageServing Size (approx.)
3lb bag24 - 1/2 cup servings
10-12lb bag96 - 1/2 cup servings
13 ounce container1 container = 7 servings
20-25 pound cases200 - 1/2 cup servings
All bags are vacuum-sealed for that just baked freshness. You can also reuse and recycle them!

My Review: 10/10! 
This granola was SUPER FRESH and REALLY TASTY! I loved the unique flavors. Honey Apple Crisp was my favorite!

Blueberry Vanilla Granola: MMM. This flavor was great. I LOVED the little blueberries in the mix. 

Cashew Raisin Granola: I loved the chewy raisins sprinkled throughout. The flavor was nice.

I enjoyed eating this granola straight from the bag. It was crunchy and sweet, but not too sweet to where it hurt my teeth. I liked that they came in a mini bag to help me with portion control. Granola is SO GOOD, but it's really easy to go overboard on it.... haha. 

The Tamari Roasted Almonds were incredibly tasty. They were a perfect little snack to tide me over until dinner.

Jared liked the Curry Roasted Cashews. He said they had a little kick to them, but not too spicy.

What I really enjoyed about the products is that they were ORGANIC.
Organic Foods are more nutritious than processed foods.
and there are NO chemical additives, artificial sweeteners, chemical preservatives or contaminants!

Tasty AND good for you!

Please check out their website:

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