Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What's Been Going on Lately...

 Hi Friends!

It's already halfway through February! WAHOOOO!!!! We had a Winter Break from school this past weekend, so I was fortunate enough to spend time with Jared and his family. 

Jared cooked me dinner ALL BY HIMSELF. He made me wait upstairs and work on school planning stuff until he was ready. haha. He did a WONDERFUL job. I ate EVERY single bite. 
He made seasoned chicken with veggies and potatoes. MMM! My man can COOK! 
Look at that handsome fella!

He ended the healthy meal with a plate full of strawberries. In the shape of a heart. PRECIOUS! Love him! He's such a sweetheart! 

We had THE BEST time this weekend. I LOVE hanging out with his family. I feel like going to visit them is kinda what people feel like when they're on a diet. You're restricted for SO LONG that when you finally give in to that temptation, you CAN'T GET ENOUGH! Every time I visit, I HATE leaving. I miss them all so much already! 
Thankfully, I'll be back to visit for SPRING BREAK! 

Here is a fun picture to leave you with....

My mom took this picture and created our Save the Date.

Infinity Ball