Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Raw Snacks Review

Raw Snacks sent us some bars to review. Here's some info from their website about how they got started:
Casper Vester, CEO and partner of Raw Snacks Europe, is the creative chef behind Raw Snacks products. Through his knack for food and vast experience within the culinary industry, Casper set out to create an unconventional and superior snack bar – a snack bar without preservatives, added sugar, or questionable ingredients. In a very short time, Casper had made a number of unique flavor combinations out of a mere handful of RAW ingredients.
After sampling these bars, the conversation between three friends in Aarhus, Denmark quickly turned into one of business partners! Each of the partners brought a unique, but complimentary background to a single goal – to offer healthy, “clean,” and convenient snacks that provide raw energy and nutrition.
Shortly after a successful European launch in 2012, the partners decided to introduce Raw Snacks to North America. Their knowledge of the lack of convenient and truly wholesome snack choices available was one of the driving factors of this decision. While the US market is chock-full of “bars,” few can truly compete with what we offer. The majority that call themselves competitors are full of processed ingredients, mysterious chemicals, sweeteners, and sodium.
Raw Snacks is proud to provide certified organic and gluten-free bars packed with high quality ingredients that you can pronounce! Our bars are made without fillers and preservatives, gluten and soy, and are sweetened by a handful of unadulterated ingredients. Raw Snacks’ provides the consumer a smart, safe, and guilt-free indulgence or pick-me-up, before or after a workout.


Our Review: 10/10.
These bars had a very interesting texture that we REALLY enjoyed. The bars were chewy on the outside, but had crunchy bits on the inside. It was unlike any other bars we've tried before. Very cool! All of the flavors were delicious!

Blueberry Vanilla (tasted like a blueberry muffin... YUM!)
Goji Cacao
Apricot Cinnamon
Cranberry Cashew

Raw Snacks gives their customers the option of choosing a 3, 6 and 12 month subscription deals that entitles customers to have a Raw Snacks Variety Snack Box delivered to their home or business monthly for the chosen amount of months.

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