Friday, October 11, 2013

Stone Fire Naan, Pitas, and Pizza Crust Review

 Stonefire sent us some naan, pitas, and pizza crusts to review! Here some info from their website:

It’s all about authenticity, it’s about being worldly, and it’s about family.
“Don’t fight tradition” is a familiar saying at the Ajmera family table. And this is always referred to in regards to flatbreads, the world’s oldest breads. For the family, the start of the journey in creating Stonefire Authentic Flatbreads was all about being true to the history, heritage and homage of these worldly breads.
The Ajmera’s are very aware that the tradition of making flatbreads has been in existence for over 6,000 years. With participation from almost every corner of the world (from India comes Naan, from the Mediterranean comes Pita) the intrigue in bringing all the different shapes and textures of flatbreads to North America began.
The Stonefire adventure was rooted with two unbreakable rules. Rule #1 – The flatbreads had to be utterly authentic. Only traditional baking methods and the finest ingredients would be used. Why break with tradition? Rule #2 – The flatbreads would be “preservative free” just as they were years ago.

Our Review: 11/10!

 We LOVED everything! We made so many variations of pizzas, including: BBQ Chicken, Fajita, and Veggie. The crust was JUST HOW WE LIKED IT! A little crisp at the bottom, but chewy on top! MMMM MMMM!!! 

Jared is a spicy fan, and he thought the new Sweet Chili flavor was awesome! He said it was spicy, but gooooooood. 

Jared also made a leftover Meatball Cassorole PITA. He said it was awesome! The pitas were just the right size! 

You must try these ASAP!!!

Please visit their website:

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