Friday, November 8, 2013

Enjoy Life Chewy Bars (New Formula) Review

Enjoy Life sent us their Chewy Bars with their new formula to try and review!

Here's some info from their website:
Soft and chewy, our bars are a perfectly delicious and wholesome breakfast, midday snack, lunch box treat, or late day pick-me-up. There are four great-tasting flavors to satisfy everyone's cravings and they are packed full of essential vitamins and minerals for added health benefits. Our portion control, 1 oz bars are sure to make everyone smile with delight! Look for them in our bright new packaging in the gluten-free or cereal bar section of your favorite store.

Our Review: 
These little bars were full of flavor and yummy goodness! The caramel apple was Kelsey's favorite. Jared liked the Cocoa Loco the best. (Go figure, considering Kelsey loves caramel and Jared loves chocolate! haha) 
The only reason we gave them a 9/10 was because we wished they were bigger! (that always seems to be the case with us! haha.. we have big appetites!) But, we enjoyed these as an after meal dessert. They were just the right size for those times when you're still a little hungry, but don't want to eat too much more!

I also gave some to the little two year old I nanny and she LOVED them! Her mom was so impressed by the company because it's hard finding her things to eat because she is allergic to tree nuts! Her mom is going to buy more Enjoy Life products! :)

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