Monday, November 18, 2013

Revitalize Protein Powder Review

We were sent some samples of SBV High Quality Supplements to review. 

Revitalize Classic Blend
Ultra High Quality German Whey Concentrate (80% protein)
Micellar Casein
Sweetener: Stevia (All Natural)
No Soy
Gluten Free

Peanut Butter Cookie Crumble
Banana Nut Bread
CocoaNut (Chocolate Coconut Almond)

Our Review: 

First of all, I have to share info from an email from the owner.
"Our samples are hand made upon order fresh from an open jar. We don't pre-make them and allow for them to sit for extended periods of time." 

 We really enjoyed that these protein powders were super fresh! We appreciate the extra time and effort from the company. 

The flavors tasted great! I really liked the Peanut Butter Cookie and Banana Nut Bread. 

***Funny Story***
I immediately gave Jared the CocoaNut (since it was chocolate flavored and I don't eat chocolate). He said it tasted good, but that he didn't think I should try it because it tasted chocolatey. I told him, "Of course it does, it is COCOA NUT! haha" and He replied, "ohhhhh... I thought it was just plain coconut. I didn't notice the spelling." HAHAHAHA!!!

Aside from the flavor misunderstanding, we really enjoyed these powders! They weren't chalky. They mixed smoothly and tasted great! 

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