Monday, January 21, 2013

Fiber Gourmet Thinables Review

FiberGourmet sent me their new Thinables to try and review on the blog! 

Here's some info about FiberGourmet Thinables: 
Get the only cheese crackers that taste just like Cheese Nips (or Cheez-Its), but with literally half the calories!
After a long hiatus, our often-requested Cheese Snacks are finally available again, under our new Cheese Thinables® brand. It's the exact same crackers as before, made with the same formula at the same plant, just with new packaging.
  • Tangy Cheese cracker taste
  • Just 60 calories per oz - compare to 140 in Cheeze-Its®
  • 11g fiber per oz (44% of your Daily Value!)
  • Six 6-oz boxes per case. Sorry, no single-serve pouches at this time.
They also have Wheat Thinables:

Wheat Thinables®
Snack Crackers®
Special K
Cracker Chips
Serving Size 1 oz 1 oz 1 oz
Calories 70 140 110
Fiber 10g Less than 1g 3g

 My Review: 
Cheese & Nacho Flavors: 10/10!
This was SPOT ON tasting exactly like Cheez-It's!  So tasty! 

Wheat: 7/10.
These were okay by themselves, but kinda tasted plain to me. When I added some cheese and lunch meat to them and made mock "lunchables" recreating my favorite snack from when I was a little kid, they tasted much better! 


Please check them out on their website here.

or read their own blog here.

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