Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Our Proposal (His and Her version)


When I decided it was time to ask Kelsey to marry me, I knew I had to ask with some style. After talking to her parents, her mom made it clear to me it had to be memorable.  Which was fitting because we were planning on going on a family trip to Disney world. I thought, how perfect would it be in front of the Disney castle in front of the family.  Well unfortunately plans fell through on Disney. The back up plan was Kelsey and I going to Vegas with my parents. Immediately I thought of the Venetian and the gondola rides. It would be a perfect place to ask and of course it would be memorable. We flew out Christmas morning to Vegas through Detroit. Unfortunately we fly stand by, which means we aren't guaranteed a seat. Which also means we could be stuck in an airport all day, and in this case, we did. Spending all day in the airport trying to find places to fly into and thinking of alternate plans of when and where to ask got me pretty upset and let down. So since we couldn't fly into anywhere that evening except back home, that's what we decided to do; instead of sleeping in the Detroit airport. After we landed, dad and I began thinking of ways to still make a great proposal, and a memorable one. I discussed with dad, my brother in law(kyle), and my sister(holly) until we finally had a plan.  So from that night to the next evening, we were able to get her parents to louisville, coordinate a "double date" with my sister and brother in law, and plan a big dinner afterwards. We started out walking through the Galt House hotel looking through all the Christmas decorations. After about an hour of killing time and taking pictures, we made our way outside towards 4th street live. We stopped in a hotel lobby so I could get the ring from Kyle and go over any last minute plans while Kelsey hit the ladies room. We walked out and stood in front of the big Christmas tree and took a couple pictures. When she tried to move so Holly and Kyle could take some, I pulled her back to me. Started whispering some words to her, motioned her folks to come from around the back of the tree, and the next thing I knew, I was on one knee. I asked her to marry me and all I remember is hearing,"of course I will".   I got up, hugged her, and saw a look on her face I will never forget. Her face was half crying half smiling/laughing. It was the best reaction!  After we kissed each other and hugged our family, we walked to Eddie Merlot's resteraunt where we had an unbelievable dinner with family. The whole night went perfect.  And honestly, I'm glad it happened the way it did instead of Disney or Vegas.

Jared told me that we were going on a special double date with his sister, Holly, and brother in law, Kyle. I was just excited to spend grown up time with them because we hadn't really gotten a chance to hang out with them without their little kids, Boston and Charlotte. We went to downtown Louisville, at 4th Street Live. It was decorated very nicely with Christmas decorations, so we enjoyed walking around, taking pictures, and just spending time together. It was very cold and windy outside, so we walked in this really pretty hotel called The Galt House. When we finally got to the end of 4th Street Live, there was a huge tree all lit up. Jared said we were going to take one last picture and then we could go eat a nice dinner. I was freezing, so I told him to hurry up, and was trying to switch places with Holly so we could take her and Kyle's picture in front of the tree, but Jared wouldn't let me go. He said, "Wait a minute, there are some more people here." Next thing I know, my parents and his parents came out from hiding behind the tree. That's when I started to wonder what was happening. Then, Jared took both of my hands and said, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to wake up beside you every morning. I want you to be my wife. Will you marry me?" I said, "OF COURSE I WILL!!!" Afterwards, we all ate a delicious dinner at Eddie Merlot's. It was a night I will NEVER forget!

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