Monday, January 21, 2013

Trail Mix APP Review and Giveaway!

I was given a promo code to download the Trail Mix APP for free to review on the blog!

My Review: 10/10! 
It was awesome! The faster I went, the faster the tempo of my music... This is perfect for runners especially, to give you a little pep in your step when you're just ready to give up... I thought it was fun just to use on the elliptical as well. 


How it Works
- You pick a song to start off with, and in seconds, TrailMix will have determined its exact tempo
- The pace of your footsteps is automatically detected using the accelerometer sensor built into your device
- TrailMix remixes the song to match your current pace by making the tempo faster or slower as necessary
Read more about how TrailMix works.
Amazingly Fun to Use
TrailMix Music Player is for everyone, not just workout enthusiasts, because it makes even a casual walk into a delightful experience. Step in sync with the music and brighten your day as you:
- walk to school or work
- stroll to a nearby store or restaurant
- explore a park or beach
Upgrade Your Workout
Of course if you do work out, then TrailMix Music Player will take your workout to a whole new level. You’ll experience a rush as you move with the music that lets you break through the mental barrier and perform at your physical peak. According to scientific research, “synchronizing movements with music enables athletes to perform more efficiently, resulting in greater endurance.”
Karageorghis, C., & Priest, D. (2008). Music in Sport and Exercise: An Update on Research and Application. The Sport Journal.
Although TrailMix Music Player includes an automatic pace detector that works in your pocket or armband, it’s also possible to set the pace manually. This allows you to work out at a single consistent pace with your mobile device placed anywhere on your person.

They have offered FIVE of my readers a chance to download this awesome app for FREE! 
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