Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Protein Bars That Taste Like Dessert

We YupBrands sent us some of their B-Up and B-Jammin bars to review.  
We were not compensated for this post, just sent product. All opinions are our own. 
Here's some info about B-Up bars from their website:
Why B-UP Bars?

If you’re looking for a bar with high protein, high fiber that is low sodium, low sugar and low-carb, then the B-UP Bars are the healthy and delicious choice your taste-buds and body deserves. We use only the highest quality whey and milk protein isolates for their unique ability to create a softer creamier texture and one of a kind multi-dimensional flavor experience. We use real and natural ingredients and sweeteners such as stevia and monk fruit to deliver delicious, nutritious snacks for your healthy lifestyle. Did we say low sodium?
Yes, B-UP bars are low in sodium.  We take the guilt out of eating a bar by giving you the quality protein and fiber you need without the extra sodium.  Compare that to the bar you currently eat and see for yourself why B-UP Bar is becoming preferred choice of so many consumers.
Whether you are watching what you eat, needing a healthier snack, or incorporating more protein into your diet, B-Up Bars are the perfect tasty bar for you.

B-Jammin’ with the Energy You Need
Whether you’re outside running, walking, cycling, or need a quick snack after your gym workout, B-Jammin’ will give you the energy needed to help power through your workout or day.  Challenged with taking a stand against nutritional ideals that don’t apply to everyone, B-Jammin’ goes where no bar has gone before. Each bar delivers advanced nutrition that includes high quality protein, real mouth-watering fruit carbs, and fiber that just simply tastes better. With 12-15 grams of net carbs, 12 grams of protein, 11-13 grams of fiber, you’ll be blown away by the taste and flavors in each bar.
A Different Kind of Bar
In addition to the balanced macro-nutrient profile, B-Jammin is a unique first of its kind bar. With a traditional protein outer core, it is injected with a delicious and juicy fruit filling delivering a mouth-watering taste experience which is a close as you can get to the real thing. Whether you’re in cold weather or a hot environment, you’re sure to enjoy the texture and flavors. B-Jammin’ Energy Bar contains NO stimulants (caffeine, etc.).

Our Review:
B-Up: WOW! These bars were incredibly delicious! They actually tasted like the dessert on the package! Jared and I were both shocked at how good they tasted! We ate them at the golf course and at my nanny job and we both gave them two thumbs up! They are great on the go snacks, and also a great way to curb a craving for a dessert in a healthier way! 

The B-Jammin bars were filled with a fruity jam in the middle and were quite tasty as well. They were a great snack in between meals. 

Please check out their website and order some for yourself!

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