Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What's Up with the Wolfepack?

It's been a while since we've posted about what is happening in our family, so today is a hodgepodge of random things that have happened in our life lately. 

We both absolutely LOVE living in Florida! When Jared travels for tournaments, he is actually able to focus on playing golf instead of worrying about me driving through snow and ice like the previous winter. 
I LOVE my nanny job and we have TONS of fun enjoying the beautiful weather outside. We have picnics every now and then at this beautiful dock and watch boats go by and have seen a manatee and a dolphin! 
We both absolutely LOVE living in Florida!
This song came on Pandora while we were listening to it in the apartment, and it made us both excited about Pitch Perfect 2 coming out in May. Okay, I might have been a LITTLE bit more excited than Jared, and may have danced all over the place when this song was playing. haha 
We are both enjoying QUALITY TIME together. We are soaking up as much time as we can and enjoying every moment. Being in the golf world, time apart can be quite frequent, so when Jared is home, we don't want to take that time together for granted. 
Jared hardly ever takes time off, so when he finally did, I suggested we go fishing because it's his FAVORITE hobby and even though I don't like fishing, I enjoy being right there by his side. It was a great way for Jared to RELAX and clear his brain from golf stress. We didn't catch anything, but we did have fun together.
We decided we could use a few extra dollars to splurge on something outside of our budget since we've been doing really well with sticking to it. When we found PESTO GOUDA cheese at Trader Joes, we looked at each other and immediately knew this was the thing we wanted to splurge on! 
The little boy I nanny was on Spring Break and his parents decided to take the Thursday and Friday off, so I got to work for Jared instead! I caddied at his tournament. He gave me my FAVORITE popcorn for my earnings instead of cash. ;) 
Jared competed in a scramble and got a HOLE IN ONE!!!!!!! It was his third hole-in-one in his life. I was so pumped when he told me, I just wish I could've seen it! He made a deal with me that the next time I caddied, he would just make another one for me. ;) 


Be on the lookout for some more product reviews/giveaways coming soon! 

We're really excited about the new Love Grown cereals that are hitting the shelves in a few weeks! Stay tuned!

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