Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gardein Review

Gardein was kind enough to send me some coupons to try and review their products on my blog.

Here is some information from their website:

"gardein™ is a wonderful and healthy alternative to animal protein and it's eco-friendly. i love to work with gardein™ because it's so versatile: you can grill, fry, sauté and even stuff gardein!
  • looks, cooks and tastes like chicken or beef
  • low fat, zero trans fats
  • zero cholesterol
  • good source of protein
  • heat and serve in minutes
  • 100% yield
  • 1-year shelf life
  • meat, egg and dairy free

Chick’n Filets – 8/10 – they were super easy to cook, and tasted alright, but it wasn’t my favorite meal. I have never eaten vegetarian chicken before, so I don’t have anything to compare it to. But, I really liked that this had 19 grams of protein per serving!!!

Chick’n Scallopini – 10/10 Sooooo good and flavorful! I liked this a lot more than the Chick’n Filets, the seasoning made all the difference! :) This had 14 grams of protein in ONE piece! wahoo!!

Thank you Gardein for letting me try and review your products!

Visit their website at and try some for yourself!

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