Monday, September 10, 2012

Coconut Bliss Review

I was given coupons to try and review Coconut Bliss on my blog. 

Here is some info about Coconut Bliss:
People are continually asking us how we came up with Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss. We'd like to say we are entrepreneurial geniuses, but the truth is much humbler—we just wanted a tasty frozen dessert that we could enjoy eating without feeling bad afterwards. We had both given up dairy for health and ethical reasons, and tried all the soy- and rice-based alternatives, but weren't satisfied with any of them. They either didn't taste good, or we felt sick after eating them, or they had a long list of ingredients that didn't really sound like food. One day Luna said 'what about coconut milk?'  We'd used it a lot in Thai-style cooking and it seemed ideal. It was naturally rich and creamy and had great nutritional properties. So with the aid of a two-dollar hand-cranked ice cream maker from Goodwill we made our first batch. As soon as we tried it, we knew we were on to something special. As time went by and we shared it with our friends, who also loved it, it became apparent to us that we should focus our energy on this and make it available to more people. 
--Luna & Larry Kaplowitz, Founders


My Review:


The flavors tasted AMAZING! The only thing I didn't like was that it had a little more calories than regular ice-cream. But, for those who can't eat dairy, this is a WONDERFUL alternative. 

They have TONS of different flavors. Check out their website:


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