Sunday, September 9, 2012

Zaggora Hot Pants


Zaggora sent me a pair of their HOT PANTS to review on my blog. 

Here's some info about Zaggora:

Zaggora is a new sports brand focused on offering high impact, technology-

enhanced clothing.  The brand's iconic products, including its signature HotPants,

 maximize results (and time) for everyone and make for a truly interactive


Women lose weight 4x faster with HotPants™! With more than 270,000 Facebook fans (and growing) and 420,000 products sold, the next big thing in fitness has arrived!
Specially designed with Celu-Lite technology fabric lining, HotPants™ enhance your natural body temperature to warm you up in the areas you want to target most (thighs, bum, and legs).
Tested at the Chelsea School at Brighton University, HotPants™ are proven to use your body heat to increase energy expenditure before and after exercise by raising your core body temperature by up to 18%. Since you’re heating up and your body is using more energy, you are burning more calories; calorie burn increases by 26% in the hour after exercise with HotPants™ too.  As we all know, as you burn calories, you lose weight.
The lab tests also demonstrated that in just 30 minutes of exercise, women lost 4x more weight with HotPants™ than they did when doing the same exercise in standard workout clothes.




I thought the colors were adorable on these pants, but they weren't very comfortable. I felt like I was wearing a space suit to be honest with you. I know these are supposed to be tight to help reduce cellulite, but I don't see how anyone could really enjoy wearing these. I'm not trying to lose weight, so maybe that's why I wasn't completely 100% diggin' these pants.

If you are really trying to lose weight and are not having success, these will probably help boost your journey! Check out their website and explore. They have shorts and long pants as well....

They are on Facebook

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