Saturday, September 29, 2012

Homecoming Week Fun!!!

This week was homecoming! We had "spirit week". It was SO MUCH FUN!!!

Here are a few pics...

Nerd Day

Teachers can have fun too! :)

Dress alike day. Myrtle is in the third grade at the school where I teach, and we wore the same thing! :) So fun to be able to share precious memories together still, even though I don't babysit her every week anymore... 

We had a door decorating competition. It transformed into a hallway competition... this was part of my hallway! The students had a blast decorating their own silhouettes! 

Last week, at small group, our leader gave out MONSTERS to take home! SCORE! 

I LOVE SPIRIT WEEK!!! We had Nerd Day, Dress Alike Day, Fancy clothes, Pajama Day, and Blue&Gold Day. My favorite was definitely pajama day! :) 

I had a blast. I am so excited to work at a school that participates in fun things. I get to have FUN at work!!! :) 

Did your school do dress up days?

What was your favorite part of homecoming week?


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