Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fitness Photoshoot

 My aunt is a professional photographer, so she got some really cool pics of Jared and I working out while we were on vacation this summer. Check 'em out! 

His face is priceless! 

Partner plank pushups!!!! 


We also had a photoshoot in our normal clothes... I thought my aunt captured us to a TEE!!! 

so in love... 

We're definitely goobers!

Can't take our eyes off each other...

We're celebrating FIVE MONTHS today!!! 
We're having a blast and loving our time that we do get to spend together. Even when we're not together, we communicate ALL day long. 

This past weekend I got to experience a UofL vs. UK football game with my love! 

Jared has been DYING to go to a U of L vs UK football game, and on Sunday, one of his friends just randomly called and told him he had two free tickets! 


We had a BLAST! 



Infinity Ball