Tuesday, October 9, 2012

GFree Connect Review

We are an exciting, new gluten free company different from the rest.
We will get you gluten free product samples, help you save money, and simplify your life.  How?
Samples – Send you samples and product information right to your front door so you can make informed purchasing decisions for products you have tasted and know you will enjoy – Try Before you Buy!
Savings – Gluten free product couponing centralized right to you;
Simplicity – We bring you important, relevant gluten free related information to you in one spot including professional medical references, support groups, restaurants and brand information.


How awesome is it that a company sends you 25 NEW products to try before you buy?!?!?
What an awesome company! 

I got to try so many new products that I have never even heard of before! 

Some of my favorites in this box were:
Kay's Naturals Protein Cinnamon Sticks
ProBar Fruition Bar
Skinny Pop

Please visit their website:

Infinity Ball