Monday, November 19, 2012

Barry's Bakery

Barry's Bakery French Twists

Layers of Cinnamony sweet puff pastry. Each Weight Watchers approved twist is only 30 calories and low fat. They have NO cholesterol, butter, eggs, yeast, or dairy. 
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I took these to share with some friends at small group. We enjoyed sampling all of the flavors. 

This was the order of our favorite beginning on the left. 

We liked the Maple French Toast the best because it had the best flavor overall. Following that was Wild Raspberry, California Almond, Original, and lastly Chocolate Chip. 

At first, we expected the French Twists to be soft and chewy, but they weren't. They were more of a crunchy treat which surprised us, but after a few bites, most people thought they really liked the crunchy texture better! :) 

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