Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday Faves

Happy February! Today, I've compiled a round up of some favorites. 

 Sweet Potato Poppers 
When you just can't decide what you want to top your sweet potato with, just do a little bit of everything! Peanut butter, hummus, turkey bacon & pb, and coconut oil were my choices for this plate. Yum! 

 Tweaking this Almond Protein Cheesecake Bite recipe a little and NAILED it on the 2nd try. Will be sharing soon :) 

 We finally found Kodiak Cakes Pancake mix at the store and made some pretty epic breakfasts! This was Jared's combo of coconut butter, chocolate stevia, and pb. 

Researching all about the benefits of sorghum and coming up with some cool new ways to eat it when it's POPPED! It's so little and looks a lot like miniature popcorn. I'm a big fan! 

 Making some really yummy sandwiches with Kite Hill Foods cream cheese that's made with ALMONDS. It's so good and is perfect on an egg and turkey bacon sandwich with Mikey's muffins! 

 FitSnack is really stepping up their snack game! This box was full of regular sized products. The Organic Greens are a favorite of ours to mix in smoothies, yogurt, and oatmeal. The Quinoa cups are super convenient for those times you just don't have time to cook a meal. The Salad Power is a great addition to smoothies as well. 

FitSnack is also adding online training and nutrition this month! Check out their website and you can also enter to win a HUGE giveaway with some women's fitness goodies by clicking HERE. Make sure you follow @FitSnack on instagram to keep up on all the latest news! 

Our friends, Kaytie and Calvin, just had this sweet baby girl. She was only 5 days old when I got to meet her! She is so sweet. I love babies! 

Infinity Ball