Monday, May 7, 2012

Do you workout on Vacation?!?


I am officially on vacation!!!!!!!
 I'm having a fun girl's trip!
I just wanted to share a really awesome workout that I did this morning. Yes, I got up early to workout before we headed to the beach! I am a true FITFLUENTIAL ambassador! I JUST LOVE WORKING OUT! 

I did a hardcore strength/cardio circuit. 

I used 20 pound weights and did this:
 10 reps of bicep curls
jump rope 100 times
10 reps of overhead presses
jump rope 100 times
10 reps of  chest presses
jump rope 100 times
20 reps of oblique twists
jump rope 100 times
(repeat 2 more times)

Leg jumps on risor
Shoulder shrugs
Arm pulls while doing super squats (I don't know the technical name! haha Jared showed them to me)

Then, I went on a lovely walk outside around the condo. It was PERFECT.


Tomorrow is just my cardio day, so I am going to take advantage of the beach and walk in the sand!

So, do YOU workout on vacation or take a complete break?

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