Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How often do you eat?

There are a lot of opinions about how often you should eat. 

I prefer to eat frequently throughout the day. I like to eat small meals every 3 or so hours. I can't help it, I get hungry a lot! 

When I was student teaching, I was STARVING all day long because teachers don't get a long lunch break. Our 30 minutes is spent taking the kids to and from the lunchroom, so we really only get about 20 minutes to eat. I don't like to scarf down a bunch of food too fast. 

This is what a day of eating for me looks like.

Breakfast: Yogurt Mess
Post Workout: Some type of protein or granola bar or fruit.
Lunch: Turkey wrap with an apple and carrots
Snack: Cereal 
Dinner: Chicken with a sweet potato
Snack: Oat-Gurt (Oatmeal mixed with yogurt and kept in fridge for a few hours...SO GOOD! It's like dessert!) 

Now that it's summer, I can eat whenever, but while I am teaching, I have to bulk up my breakfast and post-workout snack because I can't eat as frequently during the day. Jared suggested that I eat TWO packets of oatmeal after my workout to get some needed protein. There is a 45 minute window to eat that protein that your body needs to actually build muscle. If you don't feed your body properly, your muscles won't grow. 

You can read about my eating issues when I was younger... When I started college, I finally branched out and tried new things.. and ever since Jared and I started dating, I have eaten more than I ever have! I can honestly say that I have never felt better by eating MORE...
I admit, I used to be nervous to eat so much because I was scared of gaining weight. But, when you eat the RIGHT foods at the RIGHT time, it does nothing but HELP YOU BUILD MUSCLE!!! Jared has taught me a lot about nutrition that I didn't know before or I heard about it but was just too scared to try it. I have eaten MORE and my clothes are actually a little loose! 

So, lesson for today is to listen to your body and feed it properly!

Talk to me... how often do you eat? Do you eat the same things everyday or like to mix it up? 

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