Friday, May 4, 2012

Kardea Nutrition Bars Review

Kardea Nutrition sent me some bars to review on my blog!
  Info from their website:
Mark Twain said, "The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don't want and drink what you don't like." As someone who had high cholesterol, spent a career in food, and celebrates my daily passion for delicious meals, I started Kardea Nutrition to prove Twain wrong. Healthy eating can be incredibly delicious!
Kardea takes you well beyond simply cutting back eggs, red meat and butter. We provide you with the products, the recipes and the information you need to significantly improve your heart health, sharply lower your cholesterol and your blood pressure, reduce inflammation and improve your blood sugar metabolism. 
Our products, including our gourmet nutrition bars, make the nutritional health recommendations of organizations like the American Heart Association and the National Institutes of Health easier to achieve.  
Take a Healthy Bite Out of Life,
 Rob Leighton, Founder.
After years making decadent sweets,  I went in search of a lower-calorie, on-the-go snack that would satsify my hunger and control my appetite, and deliver heart healthy nutrition.  I could not find this product so I created Kardea's gourmet nutrition bars.
Now, for my review!
I liked the size of the bars. They were a perfect pre-workout snack. They were only 140 calories, had 7 grams of fiber, and had 7 grams of protein! 
8/10: The bars had a slight after taste, so I didn't give them a 10. I really liked the texture of the bars though! The outside was soft and chewy with a little crisp in the middle!  I enjoyed all the flavors, but the order of which flavor I liked the best went like this:
1. Cranberry Almond 
2. Banana Nut
3. Chai Spice

Please visit their website and try some of these bars for yourself!!!

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