Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sweet Summertimeeeeeee!!!!

I finally have a few minutes to catch you all up on my AWESOME summer that I've had so far...and it's JUST getting started!!! 

First week, I went to Florida with my girlfriends!! It was an absolute BLAST!!!

The next week, I visited my boyfriend and his family. We have too much fun together! I LOVE his family! I fit right in and they treat me like part of the family! :-) 

We spent some time at the golf course (of course!) and we did a hardcore workout with Jared's trainer! LOVED IT! Tough strength training and cardio bursts! We always refuel with a stop at Smoothie King. I loveeeeeeeed the combo I got this time... THE GLADIATOR (with 45 grams of protein and only 180 calories!) I picked strawberry smoothie with strawberries and pomegranates added in! YUM YUM YUM!!!!

We had a super fancy date night, which was awesome! We ate OUTSIDE at a nice Italian restaurant that was RIGHT on the river! While the sun was was beautiful!!!

I have gone to a few of my brother's baseball games... He is doing really well.. I am super proud of him! He actually just got news that he will be playing in a summer league in Canada! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!?

When I've actually been home, I've been baby-sitting up a storm!!! It's sooooo much fun! I love all my little munchkins! 

I took my FACULTY PICTURE on Wednesday!
I'm so excited to start setting up my classroom! I should be able to start moving stuff in the next couple of weeks!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAYYYY!!!

oh and Jared is such a sweetheart, that he TOTALLY surprised me on Monday! I had absolutely NO clue  that he was coming! (We live three hours apart, so it is tough because we miss each other like crazy!!! But, on the other hand, when we do get to spend time with each other, it's INCREDIBLE!!! I am so thankful for FaceTime and phone calls and texting, which we do 24/7! haha)

 just watch this video.. I think it will make you smile :)

(oh, and sorry, it takes me FOREVER to get to the door, and excuse me for talking with carrots stuffed in my mouth! haha) 

Isn't he ADORABLE?!?!?

So... tell me... how has YOUR summer been so far?!?!?


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